Lubricants & Grease

Petro-Canada produces over 350 innovative lubricants, specialty fluids, and greases that deliver greater purity, durability, multi-functionality, and performance. Simply put, we go beyond today’s standards in the products and services we provide to help our customers improve their productivity and save money.
Not sure what product fits your needs for your equipment? Visit Petro Canada’s Lube 360 Product Selector

Or visit the Petro Canada knowledge center for more information or to download the Lube Source Handbook.

Chemicals and Additives

Hancock Petroleum has all the chemicals and additives that you require, including:

DEF in both package and Bulk
Fuel Conditioners
Windshield washer fluid
If by chance there is a product that is not inventoried in our store, let us know and we will make sure we get what you need!

All chemicals and products are available for pick-up at all Hancock Petroleum cardlock locations or can be delivered directly to you.


Hancock Petroleum Products sells and distributes Petro-Canada’s high quality gasolines designed to meet every type of Canadian driving and working conditions. All Petro-Canada branded gasolines contain Tactrol™, a proprietary deposit control additive, sometimes called a gasoline detergent, that is designed to keep fuel systems clean.

We distribute and sell gasoline through all our cardlock locations, as well as bulk delivery.


We distribute Petro-Canada’s ultra low sulphur diesel fuel for on-road use for those passenger cars, heavy-duty pickups and commercial trucks that have diesel engines.

We also distribute dyed diesel for all off road requirements ie: farming, construction and drilling.

All diesel fuel for on-road use is ultra low sulphur diesel fuel, as required by federal legislation. As of Sept. 1, 2006, all Petro-Canada on-road ultra low sulphur diesel contains less than 15 ppm (parts per million) of sulphur.

We distribute and sell diesel through all our cardlock locations, as well as bulk delivery.